Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Hello all,

So here I am in sunny California (though it wasn't sunny when I flew in this morning...)
The smog was pretty bad but the campus is beautiful from what little I have seen. I love that the buildings are old . Gorgeous architecture!I am not sure what to make of the school yet. The halls are empty since I guess this is exam week, though the future is not bright for these students:

All in all, I have made it out here pretty easily (despite the stint with the BYU travel office not letting me know that I had tickets until 5pm yesterday). I have even been able to find a place to stay (Yeah, for the 3 or so degrees separation theory for members of the Church)! I am way excited for the Pacific Coast Gravity meeting which will be held tomorrow and Saturday. Gary Horowitz is one of the session chairs and there will be a party at Kip Thorne's house friday night (for the conference program click on the title of this Post). Yeah for Physics!

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  1. I'm glad to here the travel office came through. I hope you really enjoy yourself down there. Caltech I'm sure is a great place. Keep us posted on the exciting developments.


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