Monday, February 5, 2007

Mathematica's Big News

I went onto Mathematica's website and what do you see: "Mathematica is at Brigham Young University." That's right, and for whatever reason Mathematica finds that important enough to put on their front page. (click on Picture) I don't know what was more interesting today, seeing this or hearing Rush Limbaugh ask callers "If global warming is happening why is it colder outside than usual today?" This about sums up his critical thinking ability and intellectual honesty. You almost want to feel sorry for the guy.

Edit: I am getting the impression checking out the rest of Mathematica's website that it detected that I was at BYU. I don't know that this for a fact, but on multiple pages it tells me about the great features I can find at BYU. I was still amused seeing it all. :)

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