Friday, January 5, 2007

Wow! Where do you guys get all your time?

Hey! I was just looking through all the old posts on this blog, and I realized I had missed like 5 whole pages of random ramblings! Oh well, I guess I'm just a lazy slacker who doesn't post much on blogs, but that's still very ... wow. Anyways, I was just going to do a random not-really-directed-anywhere comment, but I guess this has officially turned in to my first officially official blog post. So, congratulate me on saying so little with so much rambling.


BTW: I really did think the random ramblings were fun. I don't mean to be considered uncouth, whiny, or otherwise objectionable to the general blogging community in general nor this estimable body especially.


  1. Q: Where do you guys get all your time?

    A: Well through a complex usage of space and time, by sacrificing a little space we pick up a little more time. This of course was covered in the supplemental reading for Hirschmann's class. There is a reason why we say that we are light years ahead of everyone else.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the time on this blog is off by an hour from MST? or is it just me?


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