Thursday, January 4, 2007

The World's Smartest Cops

The title of this CNN article says it all. The FAA will also no comment on what it might be. The article cites a professor from Rutgers University, which could deduce what it was without even seeing the "mysterious object". I wouldn't mind having a meteor hit my house. The sale of the meteor would more than pay for the repairs. Meteors sell for about $10-$30 per gram, more if it famous, or if its impact is documented, or if it is a special type. They are also being very secrative about it and won't say where, when or who is testing it. Maybe they think it is alien or part of a secret government aircraft. Perhaps they've watched too much TV and are scared that men in black suits will show up on their door steps and they will be "assimilated", "taken", "intimidated", "possesed", or wisked off to some secret government facitlity.

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