Tuesday, December 19, 2006

For All Our Windows Users

Let it be known in the two years I have been running Linux I have not had one instance of a virus or spyware. Let it also be know Microsoft consistently claims you run a big risk running Linux since it doesn't have "quality" support and security measures putting you at a great risk. For all such people I point to about the third email I received this semester: (Which I received today)

Important University Network Notification – Please Read Carefully

The campus network is experiencing a virus outbreak (Big Yellow Worm). More than 2 dozen Windows machines have already been infected.

We need everyone connecting to the network with a Windows machine to verify that they have the latest Symantec client installed to protect them from this outbreak.

Note: The weekly live updates are not sufficient to combat this virus if the client is outdated.
Well, these things just don't affect me, so good luck to the rest of you. If you ever ask why every Windows computer needs antivirus software and practically no Linux computers have it just remember: Microsoft claims to have the upper hand on professional quality and security. However Bill Gates is breaking ranks:

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