Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Florida Whips Ohio State For National Championship

I know people are going to say it is because Ohio State is rusty from 51 days of rest, but most teams like that are only sloppy at first. You could see it in BYU for example. For their bowl game they were really sloppy the fist quarter but rolled up their sleeves and showed Oregon who was the better team.

Ohio State got whooped all four quarters if the game. They only looked promising on the first play of they game where they ran the kickoff back for a touchdown. After that, Florida flat out dominated. I actually didn't care who won, but it would take a great explanation to explain why Ohio State is not the lesser team.

Congratulations to the new NCAA College Football National Champions: The Florida Gators.

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  1. I watched the first quarter and then I went and played volleyball with a friend that came in from Boston. I was hoping that Florida would win because my brother goes there.


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