Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Amazing New Products Announced From Mac Today

Steve Jobs, Macintosh's fearless leader gave one amazing keynote speech at Macworld 2007 today. He unleashed a couple of products which will be revolutionary, even more so then the iPod.

The first is AppleTV: it is a console which is a TV and a computer. It is designed for High Definition and Widescreen. It has wireless networking, no more cords, and since it is a computer you can do on your TV what you would do with a computer. That is nice. Furthermore, it syncs with 5 other computers, allowing your High Definition Widescreen TV stuff to be broadcasted wherever you have a computer, again wirelessly. Watch in your bedroom, office, kitchen, etc... Pretty cool

Next is even better. The iPhone. This will blow all cell phones out of the water with one swoop. It runs Mac OSX so is a full computer, not just some mobile gimmicky wannabe computer. Full with wireless and bluetooth support. It is designed, which which Jobs says, revolutionary touch technology.

Just look at the screen! It is a high definition widescreen screen which allows you to do computer stuff, watch movies, and deal with phone stuff. The phone has a two megapixal camera. Just on the side, I will say, he could have done better than two megapixal, that's so 5 years ago technology. :( One really cool feature is your voicemail is stored like email. You don't have to listen to all the messages, like email you can pick which messages to listen to. You can have multiple calls coming in and can pick the ones you want to talk to in which order and can set up conference calls. It allows you to do split screens to do multiple things at once. It even has a built in weather meter!

Look to see a movie playing in wide screen high definition format. Next Picture, look how your music is organized. Next is the voicemail screen. And next is the internet. (He uses the New York Times, good for Jobs)

Jobs also annouced that they will be teaming with bith Google and Yaho to prodide the best search engine, emial, and internet software hat the phone could have. Both Yahoo's and Google's CEO's appeared and gave small speeches of how glad they are to be behind creating this phone and helping take technologies to the next level. How many new technologies? Well they have filed for 200+ patents for this phone. All for a pricetag of $499-599, depending how big a hard drive you want. They also come with a two year cingular plan. Would I like to have one? Of course. Can I afford one any time soon? Probably not. Unfortunately, like iPods, every teenager will have one before me. I'm already taking bets on the above. Any takers?

Here is the iPhone website. Enjoy!

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  1. Of course Joe, I have mine preordered , for all the talking that I already do on my current cell phone.


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