Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Short Prejudice

The other day I went to get a drink and there waiting at the drinking fountain were three people. What was remarkable about this was that no one was using the short drinking fountain. There were THREE people content to wait up to 60 seconds just so they would not have to bend down 15 more centimeters! Now I can understand if you are like 7' or even 6'6" it might be awkward to bend down that distance but when you're 5'3" it should not be that much of a struggle. Also the short drinking fountain was in no way being blocked by the drinker. Because no one in the line made any move to use the short fountain I made my way to it and got my drink.

I call upon responsible citizens everywhere to fight this prejudice and use the short fountain! It pains me to see such an impractical waste of time to wait for a drink just because the "short" fountain is some how inferior. Please! Do not fall victim to this terrible social injustice! Join me and bend down a little farther and forge the way to free up the conjested lines found at drinking fountains! Start today and tell your friends!

Remember, don't be afraid to bend down just a little farther!


  1. Hallelujah, brother...preach on. And that goes for filling up water bottles, too!!

  2. I like your labels!

    By the way, I use the short fountain when there is a line and always when I am filling up my water bottle. I have slipped a couple times but hopefully that is forgivable.

    As Jared said keep preaching brother! My the drinking fountain lines cut in half with a new generation who is not afraid to use the short fountain.


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