Monday, March 26, 2012

...Thereby proving the second basic law of human stupidity.

So recently I posted about a certain UNC professor who "went hiking the Appalachian trail". When I used that euphemism didn't know how true it would turn out to be. So now that a few more details are coming out about what really happened, the reactions in the department are going from this:
To more like this:
So long story short, Dr. Frampton began emailing a "world famous model", and after a few short months of communicating over the internet Dr. Frampton was under the impression that they were "an item". This "world famous model" agreed to meet him in South America (they had never met in person, just through email), where Dr. Frampton was planning on popping the question to this lucky lady (hey, who wouldn't want to be married to a world famous physicist?). After traveling trough several South American countries he finally meets up with her "agent" in Argentina who informs him that he just missed her as she flew back to the US. But she had unfortunately left her "birthday present" in Argentina and if he would be so kind he could return it to her in the States. He takes the bag and proceeds to the airport hoping to meet up with the love of his life when he gets back to the States.

Unfortunately he gets stopped at the airport when they find 2,080 grams of cocaine in her "birthday present". He pleads innocence saying he never knew what was in the package. He also refuses to tell the authorities the name of the "world famous model" he was "dating" in order to "protect her". The authorities, upset with the flow of illegal drugs through the country, and unimpressed by the argument that a 68 year old "world famous physicist" would actually think that he would have a shot with a "world famous model", so they threw him in jail. Based on previous cases they may just throw the book at him for being stupid.

And this just goes to show that stupidity in no way has an inverse correlation to level of education, and thereby proving the second basic law of human stupidity.


  1. So I read up on what you were talking about on the previous post. This is kind of out of control funny? and not funny at the same time? 

    I'm kinda with the police on this, really man? you are 68. 


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