Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yahoo! Makes Black Holes Hip

Disclaimer:  As a certified nerd in high school, I never really knew what the kids were saying even when I was one of them, so "hip" may not be the right word.  Whatever the appropriate vernacular, Yahoo! is doing it for news about black holes - complete with pop culture analogies.  You can see the video here (curse you Yahoo! and your lack of embedding options).  The specific "discovery" they reference was an observation of a peculiar gamma ray burst by the SWIFT satellite, which is a pretty amazing bit of science and certainly worthy of mention.  Besides, everybody likes black holes due to their position on the top of the cosmic sexiness ladder.

As someone who once hoped to model almost exactly what was observed, I have to say that Yahoo! did a decent job with the science.  Sure, they make it sound like we have close-up video of the event rather than a brief gamma ray point source and they think astrophysicists wear lab-coats and write "science" on glass plates, but those are forgivable mistakes in my book.  My only two questions are how can we get more videos like this and why for the love of everything holy don't they have an embed option?

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