Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I haven't been blogging a lot lately

I have a long list of potential posts I want to write and other posts I want to respond to but unfortunately a lot of my focus is taken up in research and teaching. So to give you an idea of what I am doing I will present this graphic:
Graph showing the number of processors being used on the Kure supercomputer. y-axis shows number of processors, x-axis shows time. The blue line shows how many processors are currently being used.
That bump on the right hand side of the graph is me submitting a job to the supercomputer. There aren't a lot of people using the supercomputer at this time, so I am taking advantage of that and submitting my large jobs that take 300+ processors to do. The supercomputer that I am using is named Kure after Kure Beach in North Carolina (all our supercomputers are named after beaches, nice huh?). Kure has 1856 processors, of which my research group have exclusive use (priority access) to 320 of them.

When I get a good video of what I am doing I will post it here, but for now I am dealing with stuff like this:
Your LSF job listed below died because of a network problem with 2 of the nodes it was running on. We are working with networking to fix the network problem. You can resubmit the job at your convenience. Sorry for any trouble this may have caused you. 
Job <84297>, User , Project , Status , Queue , Command <#BSUB -n 128;#BSUB -q patrons;#BSUB -R "span[ptile=8]";#BSUB -e err.%J;#BSUB -o out.%J;mpirun ./athena -i starburst.athinput -d ./frac_cloud >starburst_frac.log>, Share group charged
Thu Oct 27 13:22:14: Submitted from host , CWD , Output File , Error File ;
Thu Oct 27 13:22:25: Dispatched to 128 Hosts/Processors <8*n-6-14> <8*n-6-10> <8*n-11-6> <8*n-9-3> <8*n-9-4> <8*n-6-13> <8*n-4-9> <8*n-9-6> <8*n-9-2> <8*n-9-8> <8*n-9-7> <8*n-9-5> <8*n-6-15> <8*n-10-12> <8*n-10-11> <8*n-11-5>;
Wed Nov  2 17:03:22: Completed ; TERM_EXTERNAL_SIGNAL: job killed by a signal external to LSF.

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  1. It's always nice when the machine you want to use is finally free!


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