Monday, January 10, 2011

Live From Seattle - It's the AAS!

Today is the start of the scientific program here at the 217th meeting of the American Astronomical Society and somewhere in days of scheduled talks, posters, receptions, and informal chats we'll try to bring you some of the highlights of the biggest meeting in astronomy and astrophysics.

Also, for those of you in Seattle, the first ever Eternal Universe Nerdfest is going to happen.  Possible days and times include lunch Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, or dinner on Tuesday.  I vote for some seafood (it's Seattle), but the location is up for discussion as well.  If you're interested vote for a time and place in the comments and we'll see what works best for everyone.


  1. Nick,

    I'll be there! And will try to track you down in person to discuss times.

    I'm excited for a great meeting! Anyone have anything in particular they are excited for? I am excited to here about the first non-cosmology Planck results.

  2. Oh man! I'm so jealous. Let me know if any of you ever happen to be in the Michigan area.

  3. Ditto on the jealousy. Have a great time, and we'll see if we can get together for a Midwest "Eternal Universe Nerdfest" sometime soon.


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