Thursday, October 21, 2010

217th AAS Meeting Coming to a Seattle Near You

Sometimes physicists pick really amazing locations for conferences - the existence of the Aspen Center for Physics is proof of this.  However sometimes we end up in Fairbanks in February or Las Cruces in the summer.  This January the 217th meeting of the American Astronomical Society will be held in Seattle.  I suggest packing a raincoat as northwesterners don't use umbrellas.

That being said, I will be attending this lively gathering for astronomers, physicists, and astrophysicists from all around the world and so I thought I would send out the word and see if any other bloggers or loyal readers will also be making an appearance.  If so I suggest the first ever Eternal Universe Nerd-fest where we can get together, eat a moderately good meal (hopefully on our advisers' grant money), and raise a glass of water to room N216 in the beloved Eyring Science Center.  Post your plans and thoughts in the comments and I hope to see you in Seattle.


  1. Nick,

    You know I will be there. I say that we plan the meal for when I am supposed to be manning my poster. :)

    (I am normally anti-poster but this is the one conference where those with posters actually get better exposure than the speakers (unless you are a keynote.))

  2. Joe,
    I agree about posters - talks are usually much better, especially if you have data best displayed in movie format. However the 5 min. slots available for contributed talks at this meeting are a joke, so I'm going with a poster as well.

  3. And it sounds like the first ever EUNF is on for the middle of a poster session. :)

  4. But a fest with water is something I should enjoy.

  5. I'll be there giving a dissertation talk. I guess that means I'd better graduate this year!

  6. Andrew,
    If you'd like to join the Nerd-Fest/shindig/dinner let us know. You'd be the first blog reader I will have met in person that I didn't already know.

  7. Sounds good Nick. Joe has my email, so let me know when y'all are meeting up.


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