Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NASA's Global Ice Viewer.

I'll spare everyone another research article today and will point you to NASA's Global Ice Viewer.  It's an interesting resource to see visually what has happened to ice levels on different parts of the world over time.  I discoverd this from Hanks's blog:
To get a handy view of what is happening in the big areas, Greenland, the Arctic and the Antarctic, NASA have put together a Global Ice Viewer.
You can zoom in on Ilulissat Glacier, which is is depositing icebergs in cubic kilometer denominations equivalent to 9.3 trillion gallons per year - if that sounds like 14 million Olympic-sized swimming pools every 365 days, it is. Or Antarctica, where ice shelves the size of small U.S. states have collapsed in recent years.
It's handy stuff if you want to show time-lapsed examples of change in the ice levels.
Enjoy! :) 

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