Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Eternal Universe Welcomes Keith Penrod!

We at The Eternal Universe are proud to welcome Keith Penrod as a coauthor.  Keith has a BS and MS in Mathematics from Brigham Young University. His hobbies include doing math, thinking about math, geeking out about math, and mathing.

He is currently working on his PhD in math at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He specializes in pure mathematics. (Ie... the important stuff like topology.) He plans to be a mathematics professor, probably somewhere in the West close to home.  Though he may not admit it, he is one of the finest mathematical minds we know.

Occasionally his good friends convince him that there's more to life than math, namely real life itself. While physics is not one of his strongest areas, he does have interest there and is honored to be on the blogging team.

If these images don't make sense, I apologize; just know they should be hilarious to those looking at science from Keith's perspective.  Much like this post should.

Last joke:  You know you are a topologist when, after seeing a drunk person flopping around muttering a string of four letters words, your first thought is: did he just triangulate the 2-sphere?

Welcome Keith!

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  1. Welcome Keith! So good to have you. Since we now have an engineer, a mathematician, and some physicists it seems appropriate to break out the corresponding jokes.

    Here's a good one:
    - An engineer thinks that equations are an approximation to reality.
    - A physicist thinks reality is an approximation to equations.
    - A mathematician doesn't care.


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