Friday, June 11, 2010

Boise State Joins The Mountain West Conference!

From KSL:
BOISE, Idaho (AP) -- Boise State on Friday accepted an invitation to join the Mountain West Conference in 2011 as the two-time Fiesta Bowl winner seeks out a league that's a better launching pad into lucrative postseason bowl games.

The Mountain West is going to have a strong conference this football season.   Take that BCS!

It's funny, I just commented on Nick's post this needs to happen.


  1. Good call MWC. Until the government takes down the gadianton robbers of collegiate football, otherwise known as the BCS, let's continue building the MWC.

    I look forward to watching the cougars play on the smurf turf.

  2. Oh yeah. That's true. It will be interesting to see BYU play on the blue stuff.

  3. I was at Lavell Edwards stadium when Boise State played there one snowy November night. They destroyed the Cougars, but it was quite fun to watch them play. It also helped that I was a guest of someone in the Cougar Club. "Yes, boy wearing the 5-gallon backpack thermos full of hot cocoa, I would in fact like a refill, please!"


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