Monday, May 24, 2010

You Know, We Americans Have Some Things Easy.

From Science:
Fenyong Liu and a group of friends arrived in Shanghai after a 10-hour train trip from Hefei in China's Anhui Province, where they all attended the University of Science and Technology of China. They had come to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
"There were only two testing centers in China, in Beijing and Shanghai," Liu says. "You have to pay the testing fee in U.S. dollars. ... One test probably took 6 months' salary." Paying for the test was enough of a challenge; a hotel was out of the question. So, after their train arrived at 10 p.m., he and his friends spent the night wandering Shanghai's streets, waiting for the testing center to open.
That's insane!  I payed ~10-15 hours of pay to take the GRE and traveled a long 15 minute walk from my house to the testing center.

I know many Americans take issue with all the foreigners coming into our educational system but man! do they pay for it.  We have it soooo relatively easy.

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