Monday, May 17, 2010

Scientists forecast decades of ash clouds?

From Times Online:
THE Icelandic eruption... could be part of a surge in volcanic activity that will affect the whole of Europe for decades, scientists have warned.
They have reconstructed a timeline of 205 eruptions in Iceland, spanning the past 1,100 years, and found that they occur in regular cycles — with the relatively quiet phase that dominated the past five decades now coming to an end.
At least three other big Icelandic volcanoes are building towards an eruption, according to Thor Thordarson, a volcanologist at Edinburgh University.
“The frequency of Icelandic eruptions seems to rise and fall in a cycle lasting around 140 years,” he said. “In the latter part of the 20th century we were in a low period, but now there is evidence that we could be approaching a peak.”
If this is true: Holy Cow! Glad I'm not in Europe.

Furthermore, how would this effect scientific conferences? (Among other things that are even more important.)

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  1. I think that some natural reserves of oil can help the formation of some volcanoes, because the pressure in them should help some lava to come in and to ignite the reserve then creating a big explosion with a lot of gas emission.


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