Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Re-Discovering J/Psi Shows LHC On Right Track.

ATLAS, a detector at the largest particle accelerator in the world, the LHC, has "rediscovered" the particle J/Ψ.  From ATLAS news site:

In 1974 the J/Ψ meson was first discovered, heralding a new era of understanding in particle physics. Now again, in 2010, it's ‘rediscovery’ in ATLAS and the other LHC experiments’data signals an important stage towards what will hopefully also become an historic milestone in high energy physics.
In the plot above we see a particle is detected in just the right spot to be J/Ψ.  Its nice to see that withen a few months of collisions the LHC is already able to rediscover particles that took years to discover a few decades ago.  So, it appears things are moving forward nicely.

On to the Higgs?


  1. I will try to see what is one the German blogs about the LHC (I am translating a part of my work in this language for blogging), because they are a big contributor for the LHC, so it may be interesting. But I continue to read some American blogs anyway, including this one I think :) .

  2. Cartesian,

    Good luck reading blogs in a variety of languages. I am pretty much stuck with English unless... I use Google Translate. :)

  3. I may also use Google Translate, but currently I am doing everything on my own, because I need to revise a bit in order to be able to correct the translator (because generaly translators are not perfect).
    Germans have a complicated language, my brain is complaining a bit :) .


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