Friday, May 21, 2010

LHC Still On Track. (Possible Z Boson Events?)

As mentioned here, the LHC should begin "re-discovering" the W and Z bosons if all goes well in the near future.  This is yet another step toward discovering the theoretical Higgs. (The W and Z masses are around 80-90 GeV and the Higgs should be somewhere between 115-150 GeV.)

Today I had a fellow grad student email me pictures of events they think may be the Z boson.  If so, the machine is right on track.  Pictured above are the events.

However, though things are on track, several people have told me it will still be a few years before we can definitively say the Higgs has been discovered.


  1. I will try to bring some news from Germany about physics (but not before September :) , it is not a good period : not a lot of persons between May and September) ; may be it will help.

  2. Cartesian,

    Whenever you have good news, we'd love to hear it.


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