Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder About College Students

Every Wednesday I TA a class (think BYU's 331 and 431 combined into one class) in the Physics Department Computing Room. When the room is not being used for a class it is used as a tutorial center for students in physics classes. When I start my class I tell everyone in the room that if they are not in the class then they have to leave (or stay and learn about numerical techniques, everyone not in the class leaves that that point). I then place a sign on the door saying "CLASS IN SESSION". There is also a schedule posted on the door showing when the tutorial center is open and when the room is closed for class. The door is also closed and locked (it has an electronic key pad) when there is a class.

So while I am attaching the "CLASS IN SESSION" sign to the door a student (who I have seen several times before, because I have kicked him out of the room a few times before, at least five, when class is starting) was at the door and asked, "Is the lab closed? Is there a class in there right now?" Me *facepalm*.

Sometimes I wonder about college students. Here's your sign:

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