Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Amazing -- Physics really is useful

I know, this really isn't much of a post, but I saw this on one of my friends blogs, and I had to share. As the resident experimentalist, I always enjoy it when we can see how physics is not just beautiful and inspiring, but also applicable to something useful (like pinewood derby cars). The amazing parts of physics don't just come on the cutting edge of cosmology or particle physics -- there's still a lot to be learned in the physics of every day experiences.


  1. Bill, nice to see a post. :)

    And yes, it is always nice to explore the practical value of physics. People really underestimate this all too often.

  2. Thanks Joe. I'm working at coming out of my long blogging hibernation. However, at the risk of sounding Aristotelian, I've had to deal with the real world a good deal more than the electronic world lately.


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