Friday, February 19, 2010

Status Of The Cosmological Parameters.

The particle physics community publishes a wonderful document each year called The Review of Particle Physics.   It keeps a track of the status of every parameter under the sun that could be of interest to the particle physics community.

It has a great section dealing with the cosmological parameters.  Like the other sections, it presents theory and a status update of the main parameters with an explanation of how we know what values they are.

Ofer Lahav and Andrew R Liddle have just posted on their proposal for the new cosmological parameters section of the 2010 edition.

At the risk of repeating myself, since this document is not only for cosmologists, this is a readable and helpful document for those interested in what the parameters are and why we think so.  I encourage everyone to read it.

(The plot to the right, taken from their paper, verifies the universe is flat with more dark energy than dark matter.)

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