Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Special Footnote In The WMAP 7 Paper

The, in my opinion, most important new WMAP 7 paper is the one on the  Cosmological Interpretation.  That's where we get all the good stuff: constraints on vital cosmological parameters and theory behind them, etc.  One such observable, primordial non-Gaussianity, has recieved a lot of attention recently as it is a direct probe of inflation.

And guess what?  We, myself and my collaborators, (I'm a coauthor on a second paper in addition to the first author one) got a special footnote on pg. 27 stating we've found a new way to do this:
Recently, the “skewness power spectrum” has been proposed as a new way to measure f_local and other non-Gaussian components such as the secondary anisotropies and point sources (Munshi & Heavens 2009; Smidt et al. 2009; Munshi et al. 2009; Calabrese et al. 2009...The skewness power spectrum method provides a means to visualize the shape of various bispectra as a function of multipoles.
It's not the highest honor in the world; many people were cited in the new WMAP 7 papers. But it at least makes you feel your work was recognized as being interesting.


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