Saturday, January 2, 2010

Anyone Going To The AAS Meeting?

I'll be attending the AAS meeting this next week.  Let me know if any of you are going as I may see you there.  This is my first AAS meeting and I am excited to be in DC again.

Any predictions on what may be announced? I have no evidence, but the WMAP 7 year results should be published soon.  I wonder if they will be announced there.


  1. I won't be there but several people that I know from UNC will be there. Both of my advisers will be there. Dr. Gerald Cecil will be presenting a poster, Dr. Fabian Heitsch will also be there (I don't know if he is presenting or anything, he just told me this week that he was going..."Oh by the way I will be at the AAS meeting next week..."). Also there are people that I work with that will be there: JoEllen McBride is presenting a poster, we work together on the same project with Gerald Cecil. Anyone else from UNC will also know me, there are a few that are going so if you see anyone from UNC say hi to them from me.

  2. As you may have guessed, I'm not in DC, but several of my colleagues are, including Nick Featherstone who gave a thesis talk yesterday. I'll probably be going next year.

  3. Then I will probably see you there next year Nick.


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