Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doing Math In Your Head

Some of us have impressed others which the kind of math we can carry out in our head.  However, this guy takes the cake.


  1. Yeah, but I bet he went home alone and makes less $$ than I do. =:) That last part actually caused me physical pain.

    My wife is a mathematician and tutors math. She always has to get after her students to write all the steps and show their work and not try to do too much in their heads.

    And I have to tell my favorite calculator joke! (Which you probably already know)

    A physicist and an engineer were placed 50 paces from an attractive coed. They were told she will ask various questions about their fields of study and with each correct answer they could advance half the distance to the girl. The first to actually get to the girl wins a date with her. The physicist gave up immediately and left. He knew that, advancing half way to the girl with each correct answer, he would never actually get to her. The engineer, however, knew he could get close enough to the girl to show her how his calculator works.


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