Monday, October 19, 2009

Domestic Partnerships, Housing and UC Irvine

At UC Irvine, it turns out, you cannot live with a member of the opposite sex on campus unless you are either married or officially domestic partners.  That's right, here even heterosexuals can enter domestic partnerships. (I am trying to refrain from saying some joke about how homosexuals should fight this in order to protect the sanctity of domestic partnerships, but I will pass. Maybe call it proposition 8^(-1)?)

Anyways, given that it is way too expensive to live off campus here, people are actually are willing to enter official domestic partnerships in order to split the rent with their friend who happens to be a coed.  In fact, one of my friends just did this today in order to move into a cheaper apartment.

It's amazing what economics will drive people to do!  These partnerships are legally binding and therefore have all the ties that makes.  My friend, and I am assuming he wasn't joking, went so far as to create a prenuptial agreement.  (That's right, "In California, Registered Domestic Partners may also enter into a prenup.")

All to save money on an apartment!


  1. So we have friends with benefits and domestic partners without. Gays want more marriage and Mormons want less. What's next? Dogs and Cats living together? =:)

  2. Money takes too much place if we think about the fact to choose the best partner in order to have the best babies (what is suitable for evolution).

  3. In other interesting college housing news, this year CU added a section to their on-campus housing code. They added a rule that threatened removal from on-campus housing for individuals having sex in their room or apartment with their roommate present without the roommate's permission.

    Stop. Read that again. Yes, that's really what I meant to write. Apparently it was a problem.

  4. Nick, I've heard that stuff like that happens but I too am surprised it would happen enough to be a problem. I would have thought it would be extremely rare.


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