Friday, October 9, 2009

Be Honest: You Did A Double Take

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples"

However, regardless of whether you feel he deserves it, be honest: when you first heard this news you did a double take. :)


  1. I double checked my eyes this morning when, over a nice bowl of Cheerios, my Google homepage contained the headline that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. According to Nobel committee, 8 months of Obama as president was as important to world peace as two terms of Woodrow Wilson or Teddy Rosevelt.

    Good luck Mr. President. No pressure or anything.

  2. I first heard it on NPR and thought it said he was just a candidate.

  3. I got a New York Times alert sent to me via email and immediately checked another site just to be sure it was real.

  4. My friend told me. I thought for sure he'd been reading The Onion and mistook it for real news.

  5. This is about something else, because I have just heard in the French news that the cannabis growing is legal in California ; and I want to write you that good thinkers generally explain that it is not good to smoke some, so may be you can help your state by saying the others that it is not a good way to become intelligent.

  6. Droylsden,

    That's funny. Yeah, the Onion has really gotten a lot of people good.


    It is true that there is more "legalizing-marijuana' talk here in California. We'll see where it goes.


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