Friday, September 4, 2009

A Punch Heard Round The World. (Or will be.)

I like college football so what was I doing last night? Watching the Oregan vs. Boise State game of course.

The stage was set, Oregon's Legarrette Blount started the game by saying Boise State deserved an $%! whopping. He must have forgot what happened when Oklahoma talked a bunch of trash about Boise State only to watch themselves suffer humiliation.

Well, humiliation came to Oregon with Boise State winning... and just as I was about to turn off the TV I saw this: (Watch whole thing to see how bad it gets.)

I appears Legarrette Blount wasn't finished with how much humiliation he had already suffered. He decided he wanted to publicly humiliate himself and his team one last time.

One last time? Yes, his reward is he will never play football for Oregon, and probably the NFL, again.

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