Monday, August 31, 2009

What We Learn From Spaghetti Sauce About Humans.

Here is another interesting TED talk:

Humans often do not know what they like. They think they do, and if you ask them they will tell you, but they will often be wrong. Furthermore, there are not many one-size-fits-all solutions to making humans happy.

The man Prego hired to help them develop their spaghetti sauces understood this. While every other food manufacture appealed to their customers to tell them what they want in food, this guy ignored what people said. Instead, he just looked at the data he compiled monitoring their behavior. He found, as stated above, people do not know what they want when asked and furthermore no one thing makes everyone happy.

Prego went on to make big bucks from this fundamental discovery and the food industry has not been the same since. To me in is a very important lesson on life and psychology.

Has anyone else seen instances where what people think they like isn't really the case?


  1. Interdisciplinary Introspective, glad you liked it.

  2. I think a lot of persons know what they like, but they also want to try new things, and can adpat their taste to these new things.

  3. Postscript : They can change what they like easily especially if they do not have a good taste perception.


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