Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How's It Going To End?

Here's a fun little web-based article for your inner pessimist: "How is America Going to End?" from You can read about experts' theories of how climate change coupled with the national debt will bring down the government or even make you're own apocalypse. Mine combined an aging population, climate change, moving into space, moral degradation, and rouge states with nukes. rated me a "humanist internationalist" for my little scenario. Have fun with yours!

Bonus points for identifying the movie origin of my title without Google's help.


  1. I think the US, and the rest of the world for that matter, is stable enough that I personally don't think "the apocalypse" will be man made.*

    However, it is just a matter of time (perhaps millennia I admit) before a super-massive volcano or asteroid creates effectively an apocalypse.

    For example, the super-massive volcano under Yellowstone is due to go off soon and is estimated to be big enough to cause the mass extinction we saw last time such a volcano went off. And do we honestly believe the dinosaurs were the last species to be threatened by a massive asteroid impact?

    *My man made scenario is the one where we use up all the resources man needs for survival and thus we go to war over the small portion left. Until this happens, I honestly think the world is stable enough that an apocalypse will not be man made. (Sure the nations will make bad decisions that cause others a lot of headache, but not on the level of an apocalypse.)

    Sure, there will always be terrorists, but my money is on they will never grow powerful enough to actually take out an entire nation.

    And I sure Nick could verify that if we *really* survived a long time the sun will take us out.

  2. I like his comment, "I'm guessing the Mormons won't be going anywhere." in reference to who will be left after the US goes away.

  3. I must take issue with how they interpret somethings, for example they have an option where Obama starts a religious cult with himself as God. In this case they say that it would contribute to a peaceful end to the US (though they do admit that it would lead to the end of the US). They also consider not allowing gay marriage as contributing to a violent end to the US.

  4. I'm interested to see what he says on August 7th. Look closely at the graphic for that day.

  5. Yes, I was amused by the "Obama God" and "Gay Marriage", etcc... apocalypses as well.


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