Sunday, July 5, 2009

Share It And Other Updates

1. Okay, first of all I added a share it button so that people can share our posts in any way they want, Digg, Facebook, Email, text-message, etc... I've tested it and it seems to work.

2. Starting tomorrow I will introduce a new theme every 3 days until I run out of themes I think could work. (It won't last long because honestly I don't like very many of blogger's themes.) We will then vote on the theme we most like after it's all over.

3. I was able to honor Nick's request where we only share the first paragraph of each post for our atom feeds. (See the bottom.) Doing it for the actual blog is very complicated and requires you the poster to alter your HTML of you post by hand every time to get it to work right so I would advise against this until I find a simple way to do it.

4. If anybody has a good blogger that they think would be a good fit for the blog fill free to tell me about them. I've reminded Himal he is allowed to post and would like to remind Chris but I can't find how to contact him. If anybody knows just tell me.


  1. If you don't like how the share button "spins" I can turn off the behavior.

  2. Keep the themes coming...

    I agree that most of Blogger's themes are pretty lame, but something only than plain white would be nice.


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