Friday, July 3, 2009

Opinions on Blog Format

Please comment on this post!!!

I set up this blog a few years ago and am very grateful so many of you have been faithful contributors. Back when I set up the blog, it had a theme if you can remember. Then the theme became depreciated and one day the blog just turned mostly white. This is all fine, but I wanted to ask everyone's opinion:

1. Should we try to pick a theme other than white?
2. Should we do an even more drastic change like move to Wordpress that has more features but doesn't integrate with everyone's Google account I know you all have?
3. Or, this is also drastic, everyone gets their own personal blog and we turn this into an aggregator of everyone's blog.

If you would like a new theme please send suggestions via links. If you want to do something more drastic let me know too. Obviously I want everyone to be as happy as possible.

Furthermore, if you have any suggestions about layout, or if we want to censor Bill's comments just let me know. Being the good LDS person I am I will try to make sure all changes, if any, are supported with a unanimous vote.


  1. I like the current set-up, although a non-white background would be nice. Also, is it possible for post to show up with only part of the post initially visible with the title? This would make it easier to navigate the blog.

    Additionally, I think if anyone wants to add additional bloggers to the group that would be great. I know with Ryan, Joe, and I making most of the posts there are times when the blog gets a little too quiet. I don't have any candidates at the moment to add to the group, but perhaps some of you do? If so, I say we sign them up and get them blogging.

  2. I used to have on my own blog the standard minimalist white background like we have now but it was problematic because the posting space was so narrow that if I posted anything wordy then it would turn out to be very long, and people would have to scroll a lot. So went with something with narrower margins and more room for pictures. It also allowed for a minimalist background and the color scheme can be changed to make it personal. The one I use is called Stretch Denim and seems to be very versatile.

    Also, Tags. If we only use a small number of tags then it make sense to have a tag list. But as the number of tags has grown our list is currently exceptionally long and unwieldy. So perhaps we can do something else like have a tag cloud or something else.

  3. Okay, tag cloud added. I have it set to a minimum of 6 tags before it shows up. I can alter this if you would like. Also, I'll put your theme under the list of ones we vote on.


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