Monday, July 20, 2009

Mitt 2012?

Before I start, let me confess that I voted for McCain twice last year; once in the Republican caucuses in Colorado and again in the general election. That means I liked McCain better than Mitt Romney and that I disagree with Obama on a lot of issues. That being said, I think Obama has done about as well as could be expected in his first 6 months in office considering the mess he inherited from Bush (two wars, crumbling economy, etc.). However recent polls have seen Obama's popularity dropping, especially among independents. However his approval rating is still well above 50%, so all is well, isn't it?

Here's something I didn't expect to read: if the 2012 election were today between Obama and Mitt Romney, it would be too close to call.

Really, I didn't make that up. From a Rassmusen national phone survey:
If the 2012 presidential election were held today, President Obama and possible Republican nominee Mitt Romney would be all tied up at 45% each, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.
Now 2012 is a long way off, but that has to make Obama a little nervous. Or maybe he is just as surprised as I am.


  1. Yes, Mitt Romney is emerging as the republican front runner and is inheriting all the blessings of being the front runner in a party not in office. (IE, people becoming dissatisfied with democrats are turning to him.)

    All the republican alternatives have been failures. Booby Jindal blew his debut speech.(It was bad.) Any hope in an African American republican candidate died with Steele. Sarah Palin.... well.. you'd have to be kidding me. Ensign and Sanford had affairs. John McCain is too old and nobody really takes Huckabee seriously anymore. I could go on but you get the picture.

    Things are so bad names like Newt Gingrich and even Dick Cheney are being floated. This pretty much leaves Romney and an entire party wondering why they wouldn't give the Mormon with economic credentials a chance. (Probably something to do with a word in the last sentence.)

    Anyways, if Romney is the same guy who was the Governor of Massachusetts I'd consider voting for him. If he decides he has to act as if only the "right" is important in this country, or that the #1 issue in the US is how to punish illegal immigrants, etc... then I hope republicans can come up with something else.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention "Ron Paul Revolution"! This is the internet you know and he was an online sensation.

    He's the only true libertarian out there, but, that means nobody takes him seriously either.

    But in all seriousness, I do hope he shows up to the debates again. It is refreshing to hear a real libertarian talk just so you can hear that point of view as well.

  3. Oh yes, and one more serious note to fuel rumors: One of Hilary's top campaign leaders was just hired by Michael Bloomburg's campaign. Does this mean anything for 2012? Who knows.

  4. Joe, I agree with you that Romney is sort of winning among Republicans by default, but I'm more interested in the fact that he's polling toe to toe with Obama. I would have bet that nobody from either party would be within 5 points of Obama prior to seeing this poll.

    I don't think Romney will be the nominee in 2012, but I do find it interesting that Obama (he who won by more than 7% in the popular vote 8 months ago) has now lost that edge. Maybe he'll get it back, but I'm shocked he lost it at all.


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