Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leaving Blog, Sorry

Hey Everyone,

I have realized that joining this blog was not a good idea. The reason is time-constraints. My entire mind-share right now is learning programming syntax (not very interesting), working on entrepreneurial ideas (I can't share those since they can easily be stolen), and looking for a job. I really haven't been able to post that much and every time I do, it distracts me on what I am working on. I don't really want to just spend five minutes and just post an article from someone else. Sorry about that.

Oh by the way, here is a model I recently made in Blender. I probably won't have a new one for at least a month, and I don't think that practicing making 3D models is enough for a blog.


  1. Well, Laren, it was fun while it lasted. I wish you luck with everything you have going on. It's been great.

  2. Laren, thanks for giving it a try. Good luck with your other pursuits.


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