Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is A Free Market Based Universal Health Care Even Possible?

I know we have a lot of free market supporters out there who read the blog. I would like them to weigh in on this one.

The Cato institute is a libertarian think tank that tries to find policies to solve the world's problems by free market principles and and limited government. These are the type of libertarians whom I admire. Not just ones that say the free market is best but one who do the really difficult task of coming up with policies that work.

Now, single payer health care solves the universal health care problem. Having a public option may accomplish the same thing. However, is there an actual workable proposed plan to bring about universal health care using free market principles and limited government?

If anyone knows of such a plan I would like to see the details. Just wanted to know if such a plan existed and if universal health care is even possible under libertarian principles. (By the way, calling the currently proposed plan "Obamacare" or "socialized medicine" is not an example of a workable plan. :) Just thought I'd remind everyone that because many pundits seem to forget that.)

Also, if any data exists to back such a plan: it would nice to see that too.

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  1. The free market proposal is to simply let people choose to buy health insurance. I can promise you that with very few exceptions almost all of the uninsured in American could afford health insurance - they simply choose not to buy it. I'm not saying it would be easy for people to get health insurance - for some of them it would require a significant chunk of their income - but it can be done.

    Healthcare is one area, however, that I feel the free market is not the solution for the simple reason that hospitals and doctors will provide basic treatment even for those who can't pay (and that cost gets passed on to those who do pay). If we want universal coverage, there will have to be significant government involvement and maybe even a single payer system.


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