Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gay Penguin Pair Broke Up

You may remember Joe's post about a gay penguin pair who were raising an egg, well I just came across a different story about a gay penguin pair (named Harry and Pepper) that broke up. It seems like one of the two (Harry) actually wasn't happy with the arrangement and when he was presented with another option (a girl, named Linda) he left his partner. I wonder what this will do to the whole same-sex marriage debate. And it was in the San Fransisco Zoo of all places.

I would also suggest reading some of the comments after the news story, they are um...unique. My personal favorite was this comment:

"I cannot belive it!!!!!!!!! Harry and Pepper are supposed to be mates. When a penguin mates, they never leave one another. Linda totally destroyed the best realationship, that meant more than anything else probably. Linda, I HATE YOU!!!!! Also, Harry should have never left Pepper, now poor old Pepper is all alone. He's one of a kind. Pepper, is gay and proud of it. He mite spend the rest of his life all alone because of the stupid home wrecker LINDA !!!!!!!!!!. I guess i just had 2 vent"


1 comment:

  1. Wow, penguins are privy to some crazy love triangles. Who would have guessed? They even have home wreckers!

    Pretty soon we will have penguin Jerry Springer.


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