Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Comes Up in the Strangest Places

Some of you may have heard the latest in international news: Obama and Biden went out to lunch and ate hamburgers. Yes it is true, this is the height of international news. I'm sure that the regular media more than adequately analyzed this latest development, so I will just mention one thing that everyone else in the media missed. If you watch the video very closely Vice-President Biden is holding their serving number and it so happens to be...42! Here's a scree shot to prove it (if you don't want to actually watch the video):How ironic is that! It must be a conspiracy (Douglas Adams is influencing American Policy from beyond the grave). Somehow the mainstream media missed this minor detail. And they thought the important thing was Obama going to lunch with Biden, nope, it was showing who is really in power;-)


  1. Well as long as Biden holds the "answer to life the universe and everything", I guess we should all rest easy.

  2. True, but I think he had to give it back when they gave him his hamburger.


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