Monday, April 13, 2009

Generation Warfare, or Mr. Rogers is Evil.

At some point I have to stick up for my generation, especially following my TED talk post where it was pointed out most of science/academic research is really being carried out by people of my generation.

However Fox News, catering to the beliefs of a +50 generation, would have you know my generation is lazy and full of entitlement because, trumpets please: we watched Mr. Rogers! They spent 3 hours dedicated to this recurring theme:

What Fox won't tell you is the reason they are so embittered over our generation is we took them to the cleaners during the election, because of course we are so lazy having watched Mr. Rogers. Lazy people always do the best job rallying people to support their cause and vote in record numbers.

I think I can remember several talks by President Hinckley applauding how our generation was such a marvelous generation. But, he was biased, being a Democrat and all.


  1. President Hinckley was a DEMOCRAT?!?!?!?!?!??!!!???1


    The Church is no longer true!!!!! Because he voted for THEM!

    On a slightly related note, today I was talking to some other grad students and the thesis was presented that if you drink Coke you are a Republican and if you drink Pepsi you are a Democrat. I don't drink either and I'm unaffiliated so I guess it's true.

  2. Well, I am not affiliated with either as well, but Fox News is out of control. I recommended PBS' Newshour and the major newspapers (including WSJ) for news.

    I mentioned President Hinckley because he and many members I meet seem to live in different worlds. Almost every talk he gave was full of praise and admiration for the world, today's youth, "What a great time to be alive," etc... And yet so many act like our generation is horrible and we are so wicked surely the end is nigh.

    You never ever got any hint that any of that was true with President Hinckley.

    Dear World: President Hinckley was right, the youth of today are by and large marvoulous. My generation will accomplish great things, perhaphs greater than any previous generation. The world is a wonderful place to live in, and all indications are it is getting better.

    Divorce, abortions, #'s of dead in wars, famines, disease, poverty, etc... continues to decline. Education, health care, standards of living, continue to rise in the world. All indications are my generation will continue to improve upon this. This is a wonderful time to live, and Mr. Rogers isn't to blame for anything.


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