Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Can Make Money With Open Source: Red Hat Will Surpass Sun

Last post on open source for awhile. (I hope)

Sun Microsystems, creator of Java and many other major CS advances, is about to be overcome by Red Hat in terms of capitalization. Linux can, is and will continue to make major economic gains in the market. (Should I make the analogy of the stone cut out without hands? Maybe not. :) )From Slashdot:
"In what may come to be seen as a deeply symbolic moment in the history of operating systems, Red Hat is on the verge of surpassing Sun Microsystems' market capitalization for the first time. Sun, perhaps unfairly, represents a fading Unix market. Red Hat, for its part, represents the rising Linux market. Given enough time for its open-source strategy to play out, Sun's market capitalization will likely recover and outpace Red Hat's."

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