Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sage, a Free Maple/Mathematica Replacement (Plus More on Python)

Sage is a free open source computer algebra system written in and based on Python. You can download it free or use it online for free like a Mathematica or Maple worksheet. It can do very many things that Maple and Mathematica can do.

Seriously, you should try it before you knock it! It is a blessing to have something like this free for use.

Yet Another Reason to Learn Python!

Sage is basically just a fancy wrapper around the Python language coupled with the scipy/numpy libraries. So, learn some Python using numpy and scpiy and:
  1. Chuck Matlab!, Python/Numpy/Scipy can do all this just as fast and easy. (and free.)
  2. Eventually chuck Maple and Mathematica as Sage matures.
  3. Read this wonderful book, learn how to mix Python with your Fortran/C/C++ code and become a much more happy and productive programmer.
  4. Be able to program in all computer areas, GUI, numerical, system, etc... (Something you can't do with Matlab/Mathematica/Fortran.)

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  1. Actually, the Sage library contains about half a million lines of code that implements various algorithms on top of its components. NumPy and SciPy are used for various numerical things, but play overall a negligible role for most of the other high level mathematical algorithms implemented.


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