Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Ultimate Vi Experience: Vimperator Firefox Addon.

How would you like to manage your Firefox web browser the same way you use Vim? Now you can!!!

It's called Vimperator and I'm using it as I speak. It's got almost everything you have come to love from Vim, but would like to have while using Firefox: Keybindings, normal mode, insert mode, etc...

How would you like to open Google in a new tab as easy as typing:

Then delete that tab by typing:

And oh yes, the much coveted tab completion. To open this blog, go there once and everytime after just type:
:o th Tab Enter

and as fast as you can type 7 easy keystrokes you have the blog open and ready. Could life possibly get any better? I think not.

Oh yes, to get help just type, as usual:


  1. Oh, no... you did not just ask what Vim is...

    Luckily for you, I have just officially preformed the required spiritual ritual needed to for forgiveness.

    Vim *is the only* proper way to handle, edit and manage human-readable data. It is faster, more efficient and robust then anything you have ever conceived of.

    Firefox acquiring vim capabilities has just increased its productivity potential by several orders of magnitude.

    If you want to have a significantly better quality of life, you will heed my words.

  2. So...what's Vim?

    <*waits patiently for an answer*>

  3. Ummm... Sorry to tell you Joe, but I'm afraid there's a few of us out there that have never heard of the word "Vim" (outside of the phrase "Vim and Vigor" or some such thing, of course). So, please condescend to descend from your computer-esque nirvana to enlighten the benighted masses and tell us what the thing is (and why we should care would be nice too).

  4. Well, I'm not trying to be on some high computer pedestal, just trying to make lives easier.

    What is it: To first order it is a text editor, but, like any nontrivial infinite expansion, it is more than it's first order approximation.

    To understand what Vim is, open any Linux/Unix terminal and type "vi". You will be at a screen that says something like "VIM - Vi IMproved". At this point type ":help". Scroll down to the tutor and go through it, then the rest of the user manual. You can go straight to the tutorial by typing "vimtutor" in a terminal.

    After you have mastered a good portion of what you learn in the tutorial and the user manual, you will find what I said in my first comment above is correct.

    By the way, you can use a graphical version of Vim by typing "gvim". You can use Vim with Windows too, see:

    This is why you should care: it will make you more productive, the same way typing correctly verses hunting and pecking does.

  5. Actually this might be the proper answer. (Taken from their website)

    What is Vim?

    Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. Vim is distributed free as charityware. If you find Vim a useful addition to your life please consider helping needy children in Uganda.

    "If you find Vim a useful addition to your life"

    Oh, you will. :)


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