Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know...

This from the helpful folks at
"They monitored the way carbon dioxide builds into the southern ice cap as the martian autumn, or fall, turns into the martian winter."
Just in case you didn't recognize that big word autumn, they helped you out by noting that it's also called fall. Apparently most people reading about seasonal variations in the south polar ice cap on Mars have extremely limited vocabularies.


  1. OH! I'm glad they cleared that up for me! Because, like, ya know, I always thought that fall was a time of year and autumn was when the leaves changed color. I'm glad they pointed that out or I would have been wondering how they could have autumn on Mars when they didn't have any leaves to change color.

  2. As an after thought, IS there any difference between autumn and fall?

  3. Yeah, I'm glad they cleared that one up to. I mean, think about it, on earth Autumn = Fall but how do I know on Mars it is the same? hmmmmmmmmm? :)

  4. We don't have either autumn or fall. So why are we different than Mars?
    James in Mesa

  5. You know, THAT would be a cool discovery -- a FIVE season planet. I mean, think of it, you could have Martian Spring, Martian Summer, Martian Autumn, and THEN Martian Fall (my wife pointed out that I neglected to put Martian Winter, but I thought that was kind of implied). I mean, why rush things? I mean, we could extend things further and have a separate Martian Indian Summer, except that would probably be considered politically incorrect, especially given the lack of Indians on Mars, so you'd have to call it Martian Martian Summer (which, of course, would be totally different than regular Martian Summer). I mean, if we adopted such a plan on earth, if we could come up with enough different names for Fall, we could put off having an actual Winter for about 3 years at a time. It's something to think about. We really can't let Mars beat us in this.


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