Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Bumper Sticker

I am generally not a fan of bumper stickers. They're usually hard to read and who on earth knows what "Feel with your heart!" means (real bumper sticker I saw yesterday).

However, there are occasionally really good bumper stickers like the one below:
I may not think Dick Chenney is the root of all evil and I've only read 2 Harry Potter books, but this is a great bumper sticker.


  1. For some reason, Dick Cheney just seems like a bad, evil man. He's not very polite or friendly. He claims to be totally beyond the system of checks and balances our government was founded on. He shot his hunting buddy in the face with a shot-gun...

    He may not be quite on par with the evil Lord Voldemort, but their reputations are pretty close.


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