Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Look, though I said Linux will be ready for the masses to migrate to in by 2010, which also implies that it may not be ready before then.

However, Felton, CA is declaring what they call Lindependace. The whole town is being asked to use only Linux for a week.

I love this quote: "The perception that there is only one operating system out there -- only two, maybe, if you consider OS X with the rise in Apple use -- you can see that there's a fundamental disconnect in the way people perceive their digital experience."

Yes, *IF* we go so far as to consider Mac OSX another operating system that exists on the market. But that is a big stretch. :)


  1. Hi, Joseph --

    I'm glad you love the quote, and frankly my comment was not aimed at the quality of Mac OS X, but rather the amount of market share it now holds -- still in single digits but rising. Incidentally, we use Mac OS X in our household -- my wife, who I have yet to convert (truth be told), uses it on her Macbook Air, and as a long-time Mac user until a couple of years ago, I too appreciate its *BSD roots.

    If you took my quote as a slight against Mac OS X, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

    Further, it might interest you to know that while I run both Fedora and Debian (but mostly Fedora) on various Mac hardware at home and at the office, not one Mac person came in all month during Lindependence 2008 in Felton.

    Thanks again for the great blog.

    Larry Cafiero
    HeliOS Solutions West
    6116 Highway 9, Suite 4B
    Felton, CA 95018

  2. Larry, I'm sorry that I pulled the quote out of context. I was just trying to make a joke. I probably shouldn't have done that. I am sorry.

    I do think the Lindependence idea was a good one and I hope everything went well.


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