Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Final Test, Ever?

Today I took my last final of the year. (Yeah, laugh BYU students who finished weeks ago. Just remember I was laughing when you were all in school around the first of September and my classes didn't start for another month.)

Back to the subject at hand:

Today I took my last final of the year. It may even be the last of my life! Professors sometimes don't give finals in the second year grad classes, just homework. As it stands now, the right professors are teaching the right classes. :) (They all give finals for 1st year grad classes though. Really hard ones too.)

And, since the qual is out of the way, I may never take another test in my life! (Except for things like blood pressure tests, etc... but you know what I mean.)

It is both a happy and, to be honest, strange thought. It seems my entire life has revolved around tests.

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