Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Graduate schools

In answer to Ryan's post (congratulations by the way), I have been accepted to Baylor and Texas A&M and am still waiting to hear from Ohio. Still, it looks that I need to get used to living in Texas for the next 5-6 years! At this point I need to make a pros and cons list since there are really great benefits to both schools (advice is welcome). Maybe I will post that list...on second thought, I probably shouldn't!
In the mean time, I am busy with Senior Thesis writing, neutron star modeling, string model building, playing the horn (in orchestra and a brass quintet) and trying to get a few bands together. I am going to steer clear of discussing my dating life since that's 'sissy stuff' (thank you Disney's Robin Hood). Things are going well and most of all I am just relieved to know that I WILL be going to grad school.


  1. Congratulations to you too Jared. I don't want to influence your decision, but I have heard from a couple different people that Texas A&M has a good string theory group.

    In fact, our string theory post-doc just came from there.

  2. I wouldn't have figured you for a Texas boy, but I reckon that's just what you's gonna be, now ain't ya?

    Congratulation on those two. If you end up at either one, we'll be Big 12 Conference buddies. Good luck with Ohio (that's University of Ohio, not Ohio State, right?) And good luck with the "sissy stuff" too.


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