Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Does Obama Move People?

As you know, I thought McCain was the best republican running. It looks like he has got the nomination baring something crazy.

I also said Obama was probably the best Democrat. However, Clinton in all fairness isn't that much different. What Obama has that the others don't is the ability to come across as someone who inspires people.

Here is a typical Obama speech that he gave last night. Unless you are dead set that a Republican must win the White House, I think you will see how Obama is inspiring: (Anybody else if free to post speeches of Republicans that are really inspiring)


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  2. If the general election does come down to Obama and McCain I can't wait for the debates. Both men seems to respect each other, so I hope they will avoid the snide comments and personal attacks. What I can't wait to see is Obama's power to inspire matched against McCain's plain-talking, brutally honest style.

    There are a few debates that have powerfully shaped America such as the federalist-antifederalist debates about the Consitution, the Lincoln-Douglas debates about slavery and the nature of the union, and so on. If Obama and McCain are the nominees and they debate the real issues instead of trying to deliver sound bites, these could be the most influential debates of our generation. Hopefully, this election will be about the direction of our country rather than "flip-flopping" or social security "lock-boxes". Obama and McCain seem like the two people that can have that debate. Here's to hoping they get the chance.

  3. I look forward to seeing the debate too. No more, like on the democrat side, agreeing with each other but saying I'm better at getting what we agree on done.

    And no more, like on the republican side, debating how often who flip-flopped and who supported the surge first and stood by it strongest.

    This will be left verses right.

    (However, the far right doesn't support McCain and some have pledged to vote for Hilary over him! People like Anne Colter and Limbaugh!) Even though he is obviously going to win people are still voting for Huckabee over McCain. That has to be embarrassing.

    Again, so much for being able to inspire your own party! Furthermore, if the record numbers of democrats come out for Obama in November, as in the primaries, mixed with the very low republican turnout we are seeing, I don't think there will be much of a contest.

    But, the debate will still be interesting non-the-less.

  4. By the way, the above comment was not a shot at demeaning McCain. He is the republican I most support.

    I was only saying, in a way he verses Obama is left verses right, but I hesitate to say that because:

    I'm not so sure the right suports McCain. Furthermore, I don't really know which large group of people do. Maybe the military. He does well with independents against conservatives, but will he do as well with them as Obama?

    Does he really represent independents? Anyways, this is a question. Which group of people does McCain support? Moderate conservatives is probably the answer.

    And my next point was to say, whoever is supporting him, they sure are doing a lousy job. His campaign is terribly underfunded, and he is now losing states to Huckabee ***even though he is the obvious winner baring a miracle.***

    With Barack the answer is easy: Black/Academic/Green/Young people love Barack. They love him so much he is beating the Clinton machine by popular votes, something nobody thought possible, and is breaking all the fund raising records. And he is doing that with the donations of people, not big corporations and lobbyists.

    Now Obama is someone with a serious support group.

    But, maybe McCain will surprise us. He does have the backing of the New York Times, unlike Obama! :)


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