Friday, February 29, 2008

Inner Life of a Cell

At Irvine we have pizza talks on Friday's where professors acquaint graduate students with their research.

The talk today was given on how nanotechnology is alive and well inside cells. We would like to learn from the smallest constituents of biology how to make technology work at the nanoscale level.

To better understand how efficient the "nanotechnology" is of a cell we watched a short movie called "Inner Life of a Cell." This is one of the coolest biological movies I have ever scene. The first clip is a short version with just music. (Like a trailer.) The second is an 8 minute narated sketch of how a leukocyte works. Again, if you haven't scene them they are cool.

Though I won't go into the field, learning how to use "cellular technology" to motivate nanotechnology is really awesome stuff!!!

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