Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Picks For Nomination

I have picked the two individuals I would like to see get the nominations. Under each name I included a NY Times Opinion article, which are definitely "opinions", but say it in a way I jive with.

Democrats: Barack Obama with Running mate Colin Powell. Barack represents the change needed in Washington. Other than a loophole in his health care bill which could be exploited, I really believe Obama has fresh ideas that will make effective reforms that will greatly benefit all Americans.

I only fear Hilary may be too hard to beat.

Article: Who's Afraid of Barack Obama?

Republicans: John McCain with running mate ?. Maybe Colin Powell or Mike Huckabee? John McCain is the only republican that represents the idea that Americans should take the moral high-ground. The other candidates are too worried about who can torture prisoners stronger or squash immigrates like scum on the bottom of their shoes to score political points.

McCain is the only candidate with the integrity to stand for high morals even though it may not be earning him political points from the G.O.P.

Unfortunately, those who think the best solution for America problems is "doubling Guantanamo" will be nominated. :(

Article: Rambo and the G.O.P.

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  1. I have to agree with your pick for the Republican nomination. John McCain may not be the best baby-kissing, sound-bite producing politician, but I feel like he has the experience and determination that our country needs right now. He is the only major canidate from either party to have served in the millitary and he was a prisoner of war who was tortured. Who better to lead our country when millitary action and torture are the biggest issues of our time?

    On the Democratic side, I'm not so sure. I think Barak Obama has some great ideas and brings a fresh perspective to the race, but I just don't think he's qualified for the job. Bill Richardson seems like a best canidate to me because of his extensive government experience, but he hasn't even gotten on the radar yet, so I don't think he has much of a chance.

    I'll be interested to see who comes out on top in both parties. Hopefully, the 2008 campaign won't be something that lowers the average IQ in America like most recent campaigns seem to have done.


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